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Expression of Interest
Welcome to Seli
The passion and love for beautiful Crete impelled Mrs Katerinia Tsikrikonaki to create “Seli”, which comprises Guest Rooms – a Restaurant – a Café. “Seli” is built on a privileged position, on a natural “balcony”, from which one may behold the endless view of the Libyan Sea, as well as the southern hillsides of Mount Dikti.
Dreaming of the delight of fine food and of high-standard accommodation, overlooking the deep blue and the beautiful sceneries of the mountainous region, she founded “Seli” at a hotspot of southern Crete, where all three aspects of her dream are harmoniously combined. “Seli” stretches amphitheatrically in the region, at a 700 m. altitude, offering unforgettable moments of relaxation and indulgence.
Mrs Katerina, having a longstanding experience in this sector, knows the criteria of good quality and decent service, maintaining at the same time the initial aim: to offer a smile and satisfaction to her guests.
Combining traditional elements with modern style, she has created a hospitable, family environment, which in combination with luxury, the friendly atmosphere and the modern amenities that it offers, constitutes a top experience for holidays, relaxation and entertainment.